Sorting Multidimensional Array

Sorting Multidimensional Array

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RE: Sorting Multidimensional Array

I'm trying to sort a multidimensional array. The data was taken from
a mysql query:

$myrow = mysql_fetch_row($result) {
query[] = $myrow;

The purpose is to retrieve the table data and manually add a record,
then sort ASC by the startdate which is the forth field...

Something like:

$test = array_multisort($query, $key = '$query[4]');

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,


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Is there a way to sort multidimensional arrays?

You can sort simple arrays:
myArray = ['b','a','c'];

That would alphabetize the array and return a,b,c.

How would you sort the following array, alphabetizing myArray[x][0]:
myArray = [['b','green'],['a','red'],['c','blue']];

So it returns red, green, blue? Seems like it would be simple.


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