[PHP] [PHP-DB] [PHP] Mulitpart form posts and mysql blobs

[PHP] [PHP-DB] [PHP] Mulitpart form posts and mysql blobs

Post by jabbe » Sun, 16 Nov 2003 11:17:30

Hi John,
Your new information does make my previous post redundant :-)
However I disagree when you say.

"cURL can send files when given the filename, so I have to write the
filename from the database and then give cURL the path.

But thats messy"

IMHO this is a lot less messier than the current approach . You have to also keep in mind that using blobs puts just a wee bit more load on the database server.

Getting back to the problem at hand how about invoking one of the curl binaries and piping output from your blob into it?

best regards

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[PHP] [PHP-DB] [PHP] Mulitpart form posts and mysql blobs

Post by holmes0720 » Sun, 16 Nov 2003 12:19:33

Kind of begs the question of why you're storing files in the database in
the first place...

---John Holmes...

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