advanced filter criteria "begins with" and "does not begin wit

advanced filter criteria "begins with" and "does not begin wit

Post by cmFwaF9iYX » Thu, 30 Jun 2005 06:38:04

thank you it works perfectly!!!!

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2. The "begin bug" is not a bug [was The "begin bug" is a bug]

Once again, viewing message source shows the reply:

Showing off how really clever you are, do you?
Now ask yourself how long anyone else here knew about this already
And ask why *anyone* else who does not use OE can read the messages just
fine without any additional hoopla

As I told you before (and you snipped) this is no "bug" triggered by a
"typo." You inserted your "begin" and two spaces ahead of the attribution
generated by the news reader. This is nothing more than you making
malicious use of your knowledge of how OE works.

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