Pivot Tables - Drill Down

Pivot Tables - Drill Down

Post by Kise » Wed, 29 Oct 2003 00:35:07

When I double click to drill down to the supporting data
in a pivot table, the data is displayed on a new tab
within the workbook. Then to close that data, I have to
delete the tab.

Two questions....

1) Is there a faster way to view then close the data
without having to delete a tab every time?

2) If I leave the new sheet open, is it linked to the
pivot table? In other words, if I refresh the pivot
table, will the data on the new sheet be automatically
refreshed as well?


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When I double-left click on a cell in a pivot table, I can
drill down and see the underlying data; however, it shows
me this data in another worksheet. To close my view of
the data, I have to remove that worksheet by deleting it.

For a lot of drilling down, that's a lot of time and

Question...have I missed an easier method of closing the
drilled-down data worksheet?


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