Index/match question.

Index/match question.

Post by SnVsZX » Sat, 08 Jul 2006 02:49:02

I have to sheets is a work book.

A2 = Group Name
B2 = Date and Case Start in text format
C2 = Surgeon Name
D2 = Blank
E2 = Date of Surgery
F2 = Day of Week
H2 = Date in Text
I2 = OR Room Number
J2 = Case Start Time
K2 = Case End Time
L2 = Total Minuties
Next three colums JKL in text format

B2 = BLOCK OR (room reserved, this doens't matter, they use what room is
C2 = DATE (date in which the group/surgeons reserved time will fall on (E2)
E2 = WEEKS (week of the month inwhich the group or surgeon has reserved time)
F2 = DOW

In worksheet one, I need to show the cases being preformed are during the
surgeons/groups reserved time. If it is not, I can show what is being done
outside of the time reserved, perhaps conditional formating...? I need to
match group or surgeon in worksheet one with an indicator that falls within
the peramiters in WS2.

I am thankful for any help.


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Here's what I can't figure out how to do, I have two lists of checks, each
formatted with first column check number and second column check amount:
CK# Amount CK# Amount
101 525.35 104 425.50
102 225.45 101 525.35
103 400.00 105 115.00
104 425.50 102 225.45
105 115.00 103 400.00

I've searched for a worksheet function that will look at a check number in
the first list, search for it in the second list, and if found, return the
check amount value to a cell.
Grateful for any help.

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