Printing to PDF

Printing to PDF

Post by Scot » Sat, 21 Aug 2004 23:12:38

I have created a workbook with 4 pages. When I try to
print to a pdf file, it breaks the workbook into 2
separate files. Why? How can I get it to print to only 1

Thanks for the help.


Printing to PDF

Post by John Mich » Sun, 22 Aug 2004 05:07:21

For each sheet, check the print settings to be sure that the resolution is
the same across all sheets. This bugged me for weeks a year ago until I
realized that a chart worksheet was set to print at 1200 dpi and the
spreadsheets were set to 600 dpi.

Good luck.

- John Michl


Printing to PDF

Post by RGF2aWQgQS » Wed, 10 Nov 2004 07:05:07

I found a fix to this problem, that works in Office 2000 anyway...

Each worksheet is created from a single worksheet.
Right click on the target worksheet, "Move or Copy", check "Make a Copy".

DON'T Insert->Worksheet.
DON'T populate more than a single worksheet that is to be printed from the
auto-generated ones.

Then format away. The result for me was a five page, single pdf, three
pages portrait, and two pages landscape (with graphics). Before applying
this trick, I had three individual pages (each as their own pdf) and a pair
of pages that had been copied one from the other (which was the clue)

Yes, it is a pain in the tush to copy the contents and the column widths
from existing spreadsheets, but it does pay off...