toolbox controls in excel are invisble ?

toolbox controls in excel are invisble ?

Post by RGF2Z » Fri, 08 Jul 2005 01:01:02

I have a user whos activex doesnt not appear to be working in excel, they can
use the form toolbox, but the toobox controls with active x are puttig
invisible objects on the spreadsheet, you can see them by clicking on them if
you can remember where on the spreadsheet they are. I was wondering if there
was a setting that could fix this? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

toolbox controls in excel are invisble ?

Post by Dave Peter » Fri, 08 Jul 2005 05:29:37

First, make sure that objects are visible (but if forms toolbar objects are
showing, then this ain't it!).

Tools|options|view tab|objects category|Check "show all"

My next guess is to clean up the windows temp folder.

close excel
windows start button|run
type: %temp%
and hit enter

clean this up

My next guess is that it's a windows memory problem. If you restart the pc and
open a brand new workbook and start adding controls, do they show up?


Dave Peterson