split email id list into 1 extra list with everything after "@"

split email id list into 1 extra list with everything after "@"

Post by JE McGimps » Fri, 19 Jan 2007 19:28:58

One way:

B1: =MID(A1,FIND("@",A1)+1,32000)
C1: ="www."&B1

In article < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >,

> in one column and everything behind the in another column. >> >> Example >> >> >> Full email ID = XXXX@XXXXX.COM ; >> >> 1 column = XXXX@XXXXX.COM ; >> >> Next column = xyz.co.uk; >> >> It would also be helpful to add another column which added the ww> > > > ie new column = www. xyz.co.uk> > > > Thanks

1. need function: split string by list of strings and return delimiters and extra text

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Regarding discussion list

Hi satish,

I have seen your comment in that you have mentioned that you can able to send an email to discussion list.

I just want to know that if i am sending an incident from email it wants to come in the discussion list how can i do this if you have any suggesstion or link please send me.


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