JIProlog 3.0.0-5 now available

JIProlog 3.0.0-5 now available

Post by Ugo Chiric » Wed, 27 Oct 2004 23:56:12


JIProlog v3.0.0-5 is now available for downloading.
Please download it from:

This new release fixes a bug related to backtracking and supports MacOS

Here is a brief summary of new release:

*full compliant with:
- Windows/Unix/Linux/MacOS with JRE 1.1 or later
- All PDAs with Personal Java 1.3,
- Windows CE, Pocket PC 2002/2003 with Jeode or CrEme JVM
- Java-enabled Mobile Phones with J2ME MIDP 1.0/2.0 CLDC 1.0/1.1

*full Integrated Development Environment with colorized syntax and

*faster and smaller then the versions 2.0

*more built-in predicates

*several bug fixes.

With Best Regards,

Ugo Chirico

1. NEW: JIProlog v3.0.2-5 for Symbian OS

2. CMUIP066 (6.6-5) available for download

Due to popular demand, I was able to restore from tape the CMUIP kit
version 6.6-5 (contains 4 savesets). Also, I still have 6.6-5K which was
an unofficial patch/relink for a few executable to allow it to run on
more recent versions of VMS.

The first 4 savesets are VMSINTALllable , the 6.6-5K is a simple backup
file and you manually move the files over. (not that many).

The download is from my website http://www.yqcomputer.com/
and it is in a .ZIP archive dowbnloadable right from that page.

Note that the C saveset seems to contain some of the source.

Note: if anyone has better idea of where this should be stored for
posterity, let me know.


NOTE to BACKUP developpers: this was another file which BACKUP failed to
copy last year when I did a disk to disk copy from a single SCSI disk to
a bound volume set made up of 4 DSSI drives. The original file of 30807
blocks was created as an 18 block file with 0 blocks used and the data
inside the allocated blocks was all 0. This was a backup saveset whcih
contained 4 backup savesets inside. (VAX VMS 7.7-2 BACKUP VAX72R005
1-OCT-2000). I only noticed it when someone asked me for access to this
kit. I was able to restore it from old TK70s taken from before my big
upgrade last december).

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