SWI-prolog, runtime app -- how?

SWI-prolog, runtime app -- how?

Post by briggs_ » Thu, 15 Apr 2004 01:25:10

RTFM, but I don't see how to get an executable program from
SWI-prolog. (I do see how to "save the state of the program" in a
"resource file," but not how to get an executable.)

I want to be able to give it arguments, as in "main (int argc, char*
argv[])" in C; the OS is Unix.

Does anyone have any examples or tutorials?

Will Briggs

SWI-prolog, runtime app -- how?

Post by Cesar Raba » Thu, 15 Apr 2004 03:07:17

Will Briggs escreveu:

Did you get a look in the section 2.10 of the manual?

In the Windows version the section 2.2 of the windows.html explains how
to use an utility 'plld' but you have to have the C development
environment (IIRC Visual Studio).