CFP: CLPSE 2009 - 4th International Workshop on (Constraint) Logic Programming and Software Engineering

CFP: CLPSE 2009 - 4th International Workshop on (Constraint) Logic Programming and Software Engineering

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CLPSE 2009
4th International Workshop on
(Constraint) Logic Programming and Software Engineering
July, 2009
Satellite event of ICLP 2009, Pasadena, California, USA

Topics of interest

This workshop aims at discussing and exchanging experience in software
engineering topics related to developing, documenting, testing,
evaluating, and maintaining large-scale (constraint) logic programming
applications. Experience backed up by industrial applications and
evaluation will be given preference, as well as descriptions of work
progress in that direction.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

* Experiences in developing and maintaining large-scale logic
programming applications.
* Experiences in porting applications.
* Development of portable libraries and code reuse.
* Integrated development environments for logic programming.
* Multi-paradigm applications.
* Embedded logic programming applications.
* Security issues in logic programming applications.
* Processes and software design methodologies.
* Design patterns in logic programming development.
* Metrics for logic programming development and applications.
* Implementation of domain specific languages.
* Software specification and automatic software generation.
* Rapid industrial prototyping using logic programming.
* Logic programming in network and infrastructure services.
* Logic programming based service oriented architectures.
* Logic programming in enterprise architectures.
* Integrating logic programming and databases.
* Systems interoperability using logic programming.
* Legacy re-engineering using logic programming.
* Implementing complex business rules using logic programming.

Authors who are interested in taking part in the workshop, but are
unsure if their work falls within its scope, are invited to contact
workshop coordinators.

Workshop Goals

Our intent is to bring together, in an informal setting, people
both in research and in industrial work. We hope that the workshop
provide a meeting point for people working on software engineering
topics in the context of large-scale (constraint) logic programming


This workshop continues a tradition of successful workshops on
(Constraint) Logic Programming and Software Engineering, previously
in London (2000), Paphos (2001), and Copenhagen (2002).

Submission Information

Authors are invited to submit regular papers, position papers, or
papers written in English and formatted using the LNCS LaTeX style
( Regular papers should not
15 pages. Position papers and short papers should not exceed 5 pages.

Regular papers should describe original unpublished research or
industrial work relevant to the topics of the workshop. Position
should present new ideas, vision statements, new research directions,
advocate out-of-the-box approaches to know problems. Short papers can
used to describe ongoing work, research project overviews, talk
abstracts, or application notes.

Paper submission is performed through EasyChair using the URL