Improve module performance by reducing disk reads

Improve module performance by reducing disk reads

Post by Dave Ange » Tue, 31 Mar 2009 22:17:50

Since the email contains no code, I can only assume you're using the
bult-in open() call, and If you didn't specify a bufsize,
a "system default" is used. I seriously doubt if 0 is the default.

Since it's already buffered, additional buffering by you might have
little effect, or even negative effect. I'd suggest explicitly
specifying a buffer size in the open() call, starting with 4096, as a
good starting place. Then I'd do benchmarks with larger and smaller
values, to see what differences it might make.

The only time additional buffering tends to be useful is if you know the
file usage pattern, and it's predictable and not sequential. Even then,
it's good to know the underlying buffer's behavior, so that your
optimizations are not at cross purposes.

I'd expect your performance problems are elsewhere.

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