Stackless Website down, Project gone, I'm dead.

Stackless Website down, Project gone, I'm dead.

Post by Christian » Sat, 03 Apr 2004 11:30:08

Dear Former Stackless Users,

I have to use this list to announce something really bad to you,
since all the Stackless lists are defunct:

The Stackless project is finally dead, now and forever.

If this doesn't affect you, please don't worry and just
ignore it. I don't take any responsibilities for any
harm brought to you, your family or your descendants
because of this message, because I'm finally gone.

Here is the really sad story, for all who care.

I can't tell how sorry I am, since I really wanted it to
survive until its sucessor, namely PyPy, is mature. But
reality is cruel, and truth is no longer something that
I can change with my small brains. I'm too old and
burned out, now.

On Mach 31st, some bad intruder has broken into our CVS
server. (S)he has replaced all of our files by some
dummy entries. This was quite bad, since the new Stackless
developer group was happily hacking on after the sprint,
March 10-14, and we were updating CVS on a very frequent basis.

As a result, all sources of Stackless Python are totally lost, now.

Since I always was a very emotion driven guy, I thought this
was the right situation to say good-bye to you all. My life
is ending, soon, and so is my project. We could try to find some
backups, but I do say NO!, Please, do appropriate cleanup!

Some more reasoning: The fact that this happened to me, as a more
than old IT specialist, tells its own story about my deficiencies.
Having grown beyond the age of 50, I don't deserve to lead a young
and eager group of developers, anymore. Instead, I should provide
them all with the survival pack to start their own endeavor. This
is what I was trying, under the hood, till today.

I hereby ask everybody who still happens to have an old, maybe
valid copy of the repository, to update it soon. It will be
vaporized in seconds, as well, and this is the path to go.
I don't want any Stackless repository to survive bejond myself!

The evil truth of real life has told me where my path is headed
to. Please make no attempt to revive Stackless. It is completely
dead, and I'm going to take it with me into my cold, lonely grave.

I have spent the rest of my time on it, and now I want to rest
on it, since my time is over. So please avoid to mention it
any longer, not in news, not in interviews, and *please*
absolutely don't use it!!!
Stackless is gone, Tismer is gone, and this is good, since I
already have told you all the lies that I could tell you in a

Rest In Peace forever with -- Stackfull Python --

p.s.: I've taken the capsule, short time ago.
p.p.s.: This message was sent to you on April 2, to make
sure that it is not misinterpreted as a bad April 1 joke.
The bad joke was about that bad intruder. See you soon,
in heaven or somehwere else :-)

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Stackless Website down, Project gone, I'm dead.

Post by Eric » Sat, 03 Apr 2004 14:59:08


Well, Christian's post was sent April 2nd (per the header), but it arrived here April 1st. I have little notion of the time-space groundrules for April Fools over the Internet continuum, but I hope this was a joke; perhaps (-1*(-1*(joke))).

The deduping code shared the other day was, I thought, inspired.

the whole April Fools thing leaves me spinning for 24 hours: the joke within the joke, within the joke:

if AprilFirst:
print "April Fools"
serious = 0
print "No, I'm serious"
serious =1
return "April 2nd"

April Fools
No, I'm serious
April Fools
No, I'm serious
April Fools
No, I'm serious
April Fools
No, I'm serious
April Fools
No, I'm serious
April Fools
No, I'm serious
April Fools
No, I'm serious
April Fools
No, I'm serious
April Fools
No, I'm serious

[where is April 2nd?]


Stackless Website down, Project gone, I'm dead.

Post by Erik Max F » Sat, 03 Apr 2004 15:08:11

Where I come from, April Fool's jokes aren't any good if you explicitly
disclaim that it's not a joke and it really is after all. So if it's an
April Fool's joke, it's a terrible one.

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Stackless Website down, Project gone, I'm dead.

Post by albertle » Sat, 03 Apr 2004 15:30:38

is this an April fool news ??

Stackless Website down, Project gone, I'm dead.

Post by Max » Sat, 03 Apr 2004 21:09:54

If this is a joke, it is in poor taste.

Max M

Stackless Website down, Project gone, I'm dead.

Post by Andrew McN » Sat, 03 Apr 2004 21:51:14

And if it isn't?

The message headers are a good match with Christian's recent postings.

I hope someone who knows Christian has been able to get in contact with

Andrew McNamara, Senior Developer, Object Craft

Stackless Website down, Project gone, I'm dead.

Post by Gonlo Rodr » Sat, 03 Apr 2004 22:13:16

[rest of text snipped]

I think this deserves a proper eulogy. Here is Wallace Stevens in
"Corte for Rosenbloom" with Rosenbloom replaced by Tismer (rhyme and
metric is messed up but hey, what the heck, the guy deserves it even
though by his own admission he sucks as a sys admin):

Now, the wry Tismer is dead
And his finical carriers tread,
On a hundred legs, the tread
Of the dead.
Tismer is dead.

They carry the wizened one
Of the color of horn
To the sullen hill,
Treading a tread
In unison for the dead.

Tismer is dead.
The tread of the carriers does not halt
On the hill, but turns
Up the sky.
They are bearing his body into the sky.

It is the infants of misanthropes
And the infants of nothingness
That tread
The wooden ascents
Of the ascending of the dead.

It is turbans they wear
And boots of fur
As they tread the boards
In a region of frost,
Viewing the frost.

To a chirr of gongs
And a chitter of cries
And the heavy thrum
Of the endless tread
That they tread.

To a jangle of doom
And a jumble of words
Of the intense poem
Of the strictest prose
Of Tismer.

And they bury him there,
Body and soul,
In a place in the sky.
The lamentable tread!
Tismer is dead.

My dear Tismer, I only wish that your little grave in the sky that is
going to be your eternal home is cozy and comfy.

G. Rodrigues