Tablelist 4.3

Tablelist 4.3

Post by Arne Meiss » Sat, 01 Apr 2006 06:37:38

Hello everybody!

I have downloaded the Tablelist 4.3 from

Now I want to install it on my system Win XP.

From the distribution I have got the following information:
On Windows, use WinZip or some other program capable of unpacking the
distribution file into the directory tablelist4.3, with the
subdirectories demos, doc, and scripts.

Note that the file tablelistEdit.tcl in the scripts directory is only needed
for applications making use of interactive cell editing. Similarly, the
file tablelistMove.tcl in the same directory is only required for scripts
invoking the move or movecolumn command. Finally, the file
tablelistThemes.tcl is only needed for applications using the package
Tablelist_tile (see next section).

Next, you should check the exact version number of your Tcl/Tk distribution,
given by the tcl_patchLevel and tk_patchLevel variables. If you are using
Tcl/Tk version 8.2.X, 8.3.0 - 8.3.2, or 8.4a1, then you should upgrade your
Tcl/Tk distribution to a higher release. This is because a bug in these Tcl
versions (fixed in Tcl 8.3.3 and 8.4a2) causes excessive memory use when
calling info exists on non-existent array elements, and Tablelist makes a
lot of invocations of this command.


But I don't know who to do it.
I have copied the files to my python directory. By calling the package I get
an error.
Would somebody please so kind and explain me the installtion step by step.
E.g. Where to copy the files?, Who can I obtain the tcl_patchLevel
information?, How can I invoke the tableliste in a python programm.

Thank you!

Tablelist 4.3

Post by ezd » Sat, 01 Apr 2006 10:52:01

I use TableList_4.1 on Win XP.
1. put the whole directory tablelist4.1 of the zip-file
into C:\Python24\tcl\tablelist4.1\ (i.e. all the archive
into the directory).
2. put from
anywhere as usual .py file. The documentation in the script is
only a part of original tcl documentation, you may need more.
3. import & enjoy
4. there are some annoying errors in the version (like
inconsistent returned types of some methods,...)