pystone: pydotorg's RPM scores better than Fedora 2's RPM

pystone: pydotorg's RPM scores better than Fedora 2's RPM

Post by Zhi Mi » Sat, 12 Jun 2004 17:40:40


I find the pystone varies between the python2.3 from pydotorg
( and Fedora Core 2's bundled python. But the highest
pystone is obtained from rebuilt RPM from pydotorg source RPM. I use "rpm
--replacefiles" to install pydotorg RPM on FC2. Fortunately, those
python-based system config tools still works.

Here's the pystone score:

os, python-version, low, high,
FC1, 2.2.3-fc1, 22321, 23923,
FC1, 2.3.3-pydotorg, 33557, 35971,
FC2, 2.3.3-fc2, 28248, 29585,
FC2, 2.3.3-pydotorg, 32467, 33112,
FC2, 2.3.4-pydotorg, 31446, 32894,
FC2, 2.3.4-pydotorg-src, 35461, 37037,

Test condition: Dual Xeon 2.8Ghz, 4GB RAM, hyperthreading on, no cpu
binding (no diff if cpu bound)

The difference in the source rpm spec file is:
- pydotorg disable ipv6 and enable pymalloc
- FC2 enable ipv6 but does not specify enable/disable pymalloc

Is the pymalloc that improve the pystone score? What is it?


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