tcl-pam: PAM authentication for Tcl (Tcl package)

tcl-pam: PAM authentication for Tcl (Tcl package)

Post by Alexandros » Thu, 04 Sep 2008 01:16:47

This is an announcement for a relatively new Tcl project: tcl-pam

Tcl-pam is a Tcl interface to the PAM* service of Linux. It provides a
Tcl package that allows Tcl scripts to use PAM to authenticate users and
programs. It relies on linux-pam library:

* PAM (Pluggable Authentication Modules): A mechanism to integrate
multiple lowevel authentication schemes into a highevel application
programming interface (API). This enables programs that rely on
authentication to be written independently of the underlying
authentication scheme.

Platform: Linux
Home page:
Man page:
Author: Alexandros Stergiakis


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I'm running D3/Linux 7.2.1 on Linux 7.2. We now have a process that
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My understanding of the "d3tcl" Linux command is that the process uses a
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to share?

Best regards,


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