ANNOUNCE: Multi-column listbox package Tablelist 4.10

ANNOUNCE: Multi-column listbox package Tablelist 4.10

Post by Csaba Neme » Thu, 18 Sep 2008 06:12:15

am pleased to announce Version 4.10 of the multi-column listbox
package Tablelist.

What is new in Tablelist 4.10?

1. Support for individual binding scripts controlling the interactive
cell editing, with the aid of the new "editwintag" subcommand
(thanks to Oscar Fuentes for his valuable input).

2. Complemented the "attrib" subcommand with the new subcommands
"hasattrib" and "unsetattrib".

3. Support for column-, row-, and cell-specific attributes, with the
aid of the new subcommands "columnattrib", "hascolumnattrib",
"unsetcolumnattrib", "rowattrib", "hasrowattrib", "unsetrowattrib",
"cellattrib", "hascellattrib", and "unsetcellattrib".

4. Support for interactive cell editing with the aid of the new mentry
widget of type "DateTime", introduced in version 3.2 of the Mentry
package (thanks to Florian Murr for his proposal).

5. Made sure that the default bindings are set up immediately when
loading the package, prior to creating any tablelist widget (thanks
to Schelte Bron for his proposal and discussions on this topic).

6. Re-established the support for tile widgets as edit windows in non-
tile-based tablelist widgets (again, thanks to Schelte Bron for
reporting that this was broken in the last few Tablelist versions).

7. Adapted the handling of the tile checkbutton as edit window in the
"xpnative" theme to some changes made in tile 0.8 (thanks to Jeff
Godfrey for his bug report).

8. Guarded against potential widget deletion from within user-defined
binding scripts or "update (idletasks)" (thanks to Schelte Bron and
Jan Kandziora for their bug reports).

9. Updated the (very rarely needed) distribution file "repair.tcl" to
work with current Tablelist versions (thanks to Robert Stollf for
his bug report).

10. Corrected the description of the "-height" option in the reference
manual (thanks to Glenn Herteg for his bug report concerning the
case "-height 0").

11. Improved the color handling in the "disabled" state (thanks to Rolf
Ade for his bug report and discussions on this topic).

12. Made the handling of elided text more robust (thanks to Jos Decoster
for his bug report and valuable contribution).

13. Several further improvements and minor bug fixes (thanks to Albrecht
Mucha for his valuable input).

What is Tablelist?

Tablelist is a library package for Tcl/Tk version 8.0 or higher,
written in pure Tcl/Tk code. It contains:

- the implementation of the "tablelist" mega-widget, including a
general utility module for mega-widgets;
- a demo script containing a useful procedure that displays the
configuration options of an arbitrary widget in a tablelist and
enables you to edit their values interactively;
- a second demo script, implementing a simple widget browser based on
a tablelist;
- a third demo script, showing several ways to improve the appearance
of a tablelist widget;
- four further demo scripts, illustrating the interactive cell
editing with the aid of various widgets from the Tk core and from
the packages tile, BWidget, Iwidgets, combobox (by Bryan Oakley),
and Mentry;
- one further demo script, with a tablelist widget containing
embedded windows;
- tile-based counterparts of the above-mentioned demo scr