Embedding TCL in C++ multithreaded application

Embedding TCL in C++ multithreaded application

Post by dadu » Fri, 13 Oct 2006 17:21:43

Hey guys,

I am completely new to TCL and our requirement is to execute TCL
scripts simultaneously in c++ multiple threads. We want to create the
threads dynamically in c++ application that will execute TCL script
passed as an argument.
We tried the basic idea with "cpptcl" but came to conclusion that it
does not support multithreading even when we created multiple
interpreter instances per every thread.

Can anybody suggest us the suitable library or package to meet our
requirement. We have ensured that tcl8.4 installed on our machine
support multithreading. We have tested the scripts in multiple threads
in TCL shell. But we want to execute them from c++ application.
Besides, we want to implement TCL commands in c++ application and hence
the need of suitable interpreter that will link these TCL commands to
c++ application in multithreaded environment.


Embedding TCL in C++ multithreaded application

Post by Michael Sc » Mon, 16 Oct 2006 00:31:41

dadu schrieb:
It surely is possible, if you get no other idea look at the
aolserver/naviserver web server code which does exactly that, but is C
and not C++ IIRC.