provide cisco product help

provide cisco product help

Post by Rick » Wed, 30 May 2007 16:57:30

Hi gurus,

I'm writing to look up a native English speaker.I want to improve my
*** English. If you want to know cisco product more or learn Chinese
as soon as possible, I can help you. I am a CCNP and Chinese. I have
many years experience in IP network field.So we can exchange our
I look forward to your messages.
My msn: zhj_ricky AT

Thanks all.

1. Help should and must provide only specific product help

2. Provide Support when your Products make other MS products unusabl.

Hey, are you telling me that I have to pay something like $35 to understand
why my Visio 2000 can no longer work since I upgraded to Office 2003? Are
you kidding? No way for me to even be pointed to a FAQ to let me use one of
your products that I have paid for and is only a few years old?

Why is it so difficult to even ask a simple questions? I find this product
support site impenetrable, that is without my checkbook! I realize that this
is not the area for such questions but it is the only one that seemed to
provide me the ability to do it.

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