Where are the ActiveState tcllib packages?

Where are the ActiveState tcllib packages?

Post by Ralph Clar » Thu, 22 Jan 2009 10:00:37

Wow, after lurking here for >10 years and posting maybe twice, I get 3
threads in 1 day.

I decided to save some time by using the math::linearalgebra package in
ActiveTcl. But "package require math::linearalgebra" in a tclsh85 or
wish window fails to find it. In fact, it fails on almost all of the
packages in tcllib. Is there something obvious (again) staring me in the
face, or is this really hard to use?

Ralph Clark

Where are the ActiveState tcllib packages?

Post by Andreas Ku » Thu, 22 Jan 2009 15:55:10

Ralph Clark < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > writes:

ActiveTcl 8.5 is heavily slimmed down in the number of packages coming
directly in the distribution. To get all the other packages you can

% teacup install FOO

for the exact packages FOO you want, or, if you simply want
everything, run

% teacup update

teavup(.exe) is an application talking to TEApot repositories,
pre-configured to talk to ActiveState's repository, and the packages
get installed in a place (the local repository) where tclsh will pick
them up as normal.

The % above is the prompt in a DOS box. An interactive tclsh is
possible as well. In that case the output is delayed until the
operation has completed. In a DOS box the output is immediately
visible while teacup runs.

So long,
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Where are the ActiveState tcllib packages?

Post by Ralph Clar » Fri, 23 Jan 2009 04:59:36

It would be a good idea to have this documented somewhere obvious in the
ActiveState help file. How would anyone know even to look at teapot/teacup?

After figuring out what my proxy server is (auto_proxy apparently didn't
get it), the teacup update worked at last.