Tcl-URL! - weekly Tcl news and links (Mar 29)

Tcl-URL! - weekly Tcl news and links (Mar 29)

Post by Benjamin R » Sun, 30 Mar 2008 23:38:32

Hi Cameron, all,

Cameron Laird writes:

This seems to have moved to < ;. Probably
because of the typo in the previous title.


Tcl-URL! - weekly Tcl news and links (Mar 29)

Post by Cameron La » Wed, 30 Mar 2011 22:01:02

OTW: "The most profound testament to Tcl's maintainers
trustworthiness is
that they named the Tcl testing package 'tcltest' instead of
'testtcl'." - Roy

David Zolli shepherded a starpack into the Mac App Store, and
returned alive to tell the tale:

Tcl/Tk is part of the GSoC2011:
Students can apply through 8 April 2011:

How are starkits licensed? Answer: it depends:

'Know all those cool features that C++ and Java boast? Several
of them started as Tcl experiments:

The schedule for EuroTcl 2011 might still change--but only if you
speak up quickly:

Programmatic insertion of data into Excel? As usual, there's more
than one technique:

Learn tcltest:

Thanks to Arjen Markus for his mostly-weekly Wiki reports:
Spring (or autumn) has just begun and now we are already preparing
(Google's) summer (of code). Well, it doesn't hurt to look ahead - if
you can.

- An old page resurfaces: <> deal with a
performance question - [catch] or [info]? There is a clear winner.

- The tree control widget has been updated. See <

- Inlining your source code could be advantageous for deploying it.
There are less files to worry about. This little program does the
hard work for you: <>

- Leveraging gnocl widgets so that you can explore what gnocl is
all about ... <>

- Sometimes you need to store a lot of data in a compact way.
Is Tcl a suitable vehicle to do so? There are plenty of
solutions to chose from - <> and

- Some confusion over how hard or how easy it is to add Tcl/Tk
to a C program. Do we really not have a proper tutorial for this?

Everything Tcl-related you want is probably one or two clicks away in
The "Welcome to comp.lang.tcl" message by Andreas Kupries
comp.lang.tcl is a crucial resource for Tcl practitioners.
An interesting perspective on its traffic appears at

The Tcl Developer Site is Tcl's "home base".

Larry Virden maintains a comp.lang.tcl FAQ launcher.

Tcl Developer Xchange sponsor, ActiveState, keeps info to
convince your boss Tcl is a good thing

The Tcl'ers Wiki is a huge, dynamic, collaboratively edited
of documentation, examples, tutorials and pontifications on all
For the ideal overview of the topics