[Tcl/Tk Community] We need *urgent* advertisement among CS students about Tcl in GSoC 2009

[Tcl/Tk Community] We need *urgent* advertisement among CS students about Tcl in GSoC 2009

Post by tkosia » Sat, 28 Mar 2009 21:11:55

Hi! I'm Tomasz Kosiak.

This year I have an honor to officially serve as an administrator for
Tcl/Tk Community involvement in Google Summer of Code 2009 program. I
would like to ask all broad Tcl community members to help us reach
students worldwide and encourage them to apply for a summer

If you have never heard of Google Summer of Code (aka GSoC) it is a
Google, Inc. sponsored initiative to fund aproximately 1000 student
scholarship $4500 each for coding during a summer for ideas freely
chosen by approved open-source organization. Tcl/Tk community is
approved again by Google this year (second time).

We seek opportunities to advertise among CS students our GSoC project
ideas. That is why I have prepared one slide info about Tcl/Tk and
GSoC. This e-mail can be freely forwarded directly to prospective
students or to your fellow university teachers so they can show this
slide for their students. The goal is to reach students worldwide
willing to apply to Tcl/Tk as mentoring organization.

See Tcl/Tk GSoC 2009 in a pill at http://www.yqcomputer.com/
this is the only URL students shall write down to get started.

Official news about Tcl/Tk GSoC 2009 is at http://www.yqcomputer.com/

We, Tcl mentors and admins, are really willing to help students
prepare their applications. This is what our community is fond of.

As last year we *do* plan to act as umbrella organization for other
Tcl-related projects like Tk, XOTcl, Expect, AOLserver, Naviserver,
OpenACS, aMSN, Coccinella and others. We will try to lobby Google to
assure one student slot to those interested sub-communities. But we
need your ideas, mentors and promotion of our effort among students as
number of slots is mostly proportional to number of students
application received by an organization.

This is urgent as it would be best to reach students before the
weekend as student application deadline is set to April 3: 12 noon PDT
/ 19:00 UTC

Don't hesitate to contact me and Matthew Burke directly. Jeff Hobbs
(Tcl Guy you all know) is also actively involved.

Regards and Happy Tcl'ing,
Tomasz Kosiak

PS. You can point students to other resources prepared by Google from
which I like the most the MS PowerPoint Slides from Philip Johnson's
presentation on Google Summer of Code at
http://www.yqcomputer.com/ ~johnson/screencasts/GSoC2009.ppt (see also
the video at http://www.yqcomputer.com/ ~johnson/screencasts/GSoC2009.mov).
These resource are both mentioned at official Google Blog in a post at

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