AutoText entries without a paragraph style

AutoText entries without a paragraph style

Post by hescamero » Tue, 13 Nov 2007 15:41:57

I'm trying to create a range of salutations that I can use in my
emails and have a problem in that when autotext entries are entered in
a situation where the paragraph style is not the same as the paragraph
style in which the entry was created.

This is especially relevant when I'm trying to use the Autotext entry
in a reply and the text colour should be dark blue instead of black.

I've read in the Microsoft Help Files that:
When you create an AutoText entry, it's automatically linked to the
paragraph style (paragraph style: A combination of character- and
paragraph-formatting characteristics that are named and stored as a
set. You can select a paragraph and use the style to apply all of the
formatting characteristics to the paragraph at one time.) of the text
or graphic you used to create the entry.

Is there anyway for this not to be the case?

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Hi Novice,

I cannot really reproduce the problem. I thought that it might be a problem
with Page or Section breaks. Have a look at your document to see if there's
anything "special" happening between, for example, your bulleted list and
the next heading. BTW and IMHO, the quickest and easiest way to get all the
headings in a document is to use GetCrossReferenceItems.

Dim sHeadings
Dim iHead As Integer
sHeadings =
For iHead = 1 To UBound(sHeadings)
Debug.Print sHeadings(iHead)
Next iHead


and put it into a different word document - in a different form.
based on the style of the paragraph I'm currently parsing
(i.e. Heading 1, 2, 3, etc) I start a new section in the other document.
original document is actually a heading. In these cases, it seems like the
style from the first character actually takes on the style from the previous
paragraph. But the remainder of the text seems to have the proper style.
For example, in one case, there is a list of bulleted items and then a
heading. In this case, it seems like the style of "bulleted list" or
"bulleted items" or whatever the name is continues into the style of the
next paragraph (at least up until the first character).
where the style from the previous paragraph continues into the "Heading"

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