Outlook 2000 - Cannot install ad-ins

Outlook 2000 - Cannot install ad-ins

Post by Scott Rose » Fri, 05 Dec 2003 03:44:07

Outlook 2000 IMO, Win2Ksp4 cannot install ad-ins.
Receive prompt for Office 2K cd. I do not have the actual cd used for
install. If I try to remove office suite, it still asks for CD. I do have a
licensed copy, but it is not the one used on this pc's install.

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##Office A##
Windows 2000 Server AD Domain (forest)
Domain Name: officea.local
Subnet: 192.168.0.x

##Office B##
Windows 20003 ServerStandard AD Domain (forest)
Domain Name: officeb.local
Subnet: 192.168.2.x

Office A is the gateway for Office B. All traffic outbound to the world
goes from Office B to Office A. Only traffic with a one-to-one NAT can flow
from Office A to B. 192.168.0.x is not routable in the 192.168.2.x. So what
gives? How can I get this tow rok like it did with NT? All of the DNS and
WINS have passed every diagnostic out there - yet these won't trust. IF I do
the trust form WIndows 2000 to WIndows 2003, the trust completes but only
works one way even though it is a two way trust.

When trying to create a trust form the Windows 2003 server using the Add New
Trust wizard with officea.local as the domain the trust is created, but fails
when validating saying that the domain controller for
machinename.officea.local cannot be found.

Well, that makes sense since does not exist in the 192.168.2.x
subnet. Howerver, does go to Still though the
DNS doesn;t seem to wash. When I had NT 4.0 and Server 2000 in here, they
trusted each other just fine via NetBIOS/WINS. I cannot get my head around

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