Outlook 2003: Run-time error / Automation Error

Outlook 2003: Run-time error / Automation Error

Post by gorf » Fri, 09 Jan 2004 06:34:45

We have been using a 3rd party add-in for several years with various
configurations of Outlook/Windows and Exchange 5.5. The application is
called organiziQ.Team and we are no longer eligible for support (nor does
the company support the product anymore to my knowledge). It allows the
user to focus on an individual calendar while seeing an overview of multiple
calendars at the same time.

Anyway, I'm trying out Office 2003 (we have it anyway through our
organization) and I can't seem to get the application to launch properly.
The system is fully patched. I'll add the add-in, the icon appears in the
toolbar as it has in prior installations, but when I click on it an error
window pops up and the application is basically a non-functional interface
(doesn't provide any data and the menus/buttons don't work).

Here is the error...

Window Label: organiziQ.Team

Window Contents:
Run-time error '-1421737975 (ab4200009)':
Automation error

After searching through Google it seems that this can usually be fixed by
altering Visual Basic code to account for changed function calls, but I
can't do this as we don't have the source code. Are we SOL or is there a
configuration change we can make to Outlook/Windows that will allow this
application to function?