reminder popup hidden behind other windows

reminder popup hidden behind other windows

Post by Qi4gU3RvdH » Sat, 03 Sep 2005 03:43:27


Does anyone know how to get reminder popups to show up in front of all open
windows? If I am working on something other than Outlook, the reminders are
hidden and I can't see them ... making them rather useless.


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I have a website that uses pop-ups ( basically the dire need for QT or other
media on the site). If a user clicks a movie the movie pops up but if the user
does a double click or something like that the pop-up window can be hidden
behind the main window and if they click the movie it reloads the movie but
behind or even if they click another movie.
My question is how would I either make when the user click it again that it
pops this window to the front or opens a new even. I thought I created this
code before but maybe new updates as killed it since I created maybe 3-4 years
I was thinking maybe in java I could have the code in flash pull the window up
front or open a new one.

Thanks ahead of time.

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