Views keep changing!

Views keep changing!

Post by QmlnZ2xlc » Thu, 29 Apr 2010 22:24:01

Recently started having problems with views changing of their own accord.
Seems to be mostly Deleted Items folder in Outlook and Sent Items in Hotmail
but also has happened with Outlook Inbox.

Sometimes I see just size of message and date. Other folders keep switching
to greyed italics. Have tried View/Define Views/Reset/Apply View etc. and
while I can correct the views each time, when I close Outlook and reopen it,
the views have changed again.

How do I maintain "standard" settings?

I should point out that my knowledge of Outlook is pretty basic and I am not
familiar with settings issues and am merely experimenting at present and it's
driving me nuts!!

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I would like it to default to details, but it keeps changing back to large
icons. Any way to fix this?

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