Won't display appointments in calendar

Won't display appointments in calendar

Post by Dave » Mon, 23 Aug 2004 07:44:33

Outlook 2002 doesn't display appointments in the calendar.
If you set the appointment in the appointment menu it does
not display in the any of the calendar views; day, week or
If you type in the daily calendar it displays only as long
as you are in that field. Once you exit the field the type
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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I don;t know if this the forum for asking technial questions, so sorry if
it's not...

However, i have a Windows XP SP3 machine, running Office 2007 and connecting
via Activesyn 4.5 to a T-Mobile MDA compact iii windows mobile phone.

If i create an outlook calendar entry on the desktop machine, and sync the
phone - it apepars on my phone - if i then change it on the phone (but not on
the desktop), if i then sync the phone - the newly changed appointment resets
back to the orginal desktop set appointment.

Is there any way of changing this - i would even prefer a second appointment
to be added rather than changing the phone.

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