Outlook 2003, Resource scheduling 'operation failed' error.

Outlook 2003, Resource scheduling 'operation failed' error.

Post by Anant Reg » Sat, 17 Jan 2004 05:30:51

We are in the process of moving to outlook 2003 for sharing user's calendars
and schedule meetings using resources etc. Exchange server is 2000. I am
facing couple of problems and hope that somebody will be able to help me
out. Here is what I have done till now for testing.

Asked users to go to their calenders, click on 'share my calendar' and under
'Permissions' tab give 'Author' rights to the default user so that others
can view and edit their calendars.
Created a resouce 'user' called 'Conference Room'with a mailbox, in Active
directory and did the same for it as above.
'Planned a meeting' that included myself, another user and above resouce.
At this point I wanted to make sure that somebody else can not create
another meeting that my overlap this test meeting and include any of the
users and/or resource from this meeting. But when I tried to create another
meeting from other user's workstation, not only it worked but while planning
the meeting I could not see that either I or the resouce was 'Busy' at that
time. The tool tip showed that 'no free/busy information is available'.
However from that user's outlook, when I opened my and resouce's calendar
using 'Open a Shared Calendar', I could clearly saw the first meeting. But
for some reason, during 'Plan a meeting' screen, I could not see us as
So while searching on MS site, I found that you may have to set certain
settings on calendar through 'Tools->options->calendar->Resource
Scheduling..'. But when I click on this button, I get "Operation failed"

Any clues? Thanks