Reminders aren't working....Ugh

Reminders aren't working....Ugh

Post by VHJ1ZVRlY2 » Fri, 13 Jan 2006 06:57:04


I have an end user who is running WinXP Pro w/ Outlook 2003, don't
think he has OL2003 w/ SP2 yet.

The check that is supposed to apear in the Reminder "checkbox" is not
there and can actually dissappear.

His reminders are not working whether he creates his own meeting w/ a
reminder or he receives a meeting.

If I send him a meeting notice and he accepts it and then opens the
appointment the Reminder checkbox won't be checked.

What I have done:

1. Turned reminders Off and then On again under Default Reminder
2. Confirmed that the Display the reminder is checked under Reminder
3. Ran the outlook /cleanreminders
4. Ran Detect and Repair
5. re ran outlook /cleanreminders
6. created a new Outlook Profile
7. Pointed his mail back to the Exchange server from a local .pst

I am not having any luck. The end-user did tell me that he is re-directing
all his mail to a Local PST file so I redirected my mail to a
local .pst file and still didn't have any issues with the reminders.

Any thoughts from the group?

Reminders aren't working....Ugh

Post by Sm9jZWx5bi » Fri, 13 Jan 2006 10:52:02

Which is his default mail store -- the Exchange mailbox or the .PST?
Reminders will only fire from the default mail store...

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MVP - Outlook

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Reminders aren't working....Ugh

Post by James Hern » Sat, 14 Jan 2006 04:47:51

This is the only way that I have been able to fix this problem.

First, go to the calendar.
Now up at the top, click VIEW and then CURRENT VIEW. You may have to choose
ARRANGE BY depending on your version. Now select RECCURING EVENTS.

You will want to write all these down or just take a screen shot so you can
enter them in later. After that, you want to delete all the recurring events.
Then comes the fun part, re-entering all the events. Should work after that.

Hope that helps. Its the only work around that I know of.


Reminders aren't working....Ugh

Post by VHJ1ZVRlY2 » Sun, 15 Jan 2006 01:47:02

Thanks to those who responded. As most know when troubleshooting remotely
you can't see everything unless you actually remote into the customer
machine. Anyway....

After asking the end user questions regarding how he is directing his mail
to the .pst, BTW he re-directs all his mail unde the configuration for e-mail
account, he start to think about some of the rules he has. One of his rules
is set to Flag messages. Once he turned this rule off then his reminders
started working again.

I advised the end use that he may want to play a little bit more with the
rule and see if he can narrow down which part of the rule was causing the

Thanks again to those who responded.