Three month calendar on one sheet

Three month calendar on one sheet

Post by aHVtYmVyYW » Wed, 26 Jan 2005 10:53:03

How can I put a three month calendar on one page - like March, April, May on
top of each other on one sheet?

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We would like to analyse some sales transactions and check a theory of
monthly growth. ie the third month growth of a customer is 1.5 the
original month.

We have a basic Sales Transaction table with:

The following fields:

TranDate, Client, State, Amt, SalesType
10-mar-2003, ABC, CA, 1000, Hardware
10-mar-2003, ABC, CA, 800, Software
1-apr-2003, ABC, CA, 2000, Hardware
12-apr-2003, ABC, CA, 1000, Software
1-may-2003, ABC, CA, 3000, Hardware
11-jun-2003, XYZ, CA, 100, Hardware
11-jun-2003, XYZ, CA, 100, Software
12-jul-2003, XYZ, CA, 300, Hardware

I have determined that the first time the client was billed was:

SELECT Client, DATEADD(DAY, 1-DAY(min(TranDate)), min(TranDate)) As
From Sales

What we would like to do now is group the billings by the first,
second, third months etc ...

Client, FirstBilled, SalesType, Month#, Amt
ABC 1-mar-2003 Hardware 1 1000
ABC 1-mar-2003 Software 1 800
ABC 1-mar-2003 Hardware 2 2000
ABC 1-mar-2003 Software 2 1000
XYZ 1-jun-2003 Hardware 1 100
XYZ 1-jun-2003 Software 1 100
XYZ 1-jun-2003 Hardware 2 300

The question therefore is how can you create an incremental count of
the month based on the FirstBilled date ?

Thank you

Uri Teitler
Business Systems Manager
SecureData Group Pty

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