How do I use Outlook with Intellisync so I can share my calend

How do I use Outlook with Intellisync so I can share my calend

Post by VHdpdHR5IE » Fri, 20 May 2005 02:14:14

Thank you for your offer of help. Unfortunately, in our family I'm the one
without the cell phone...
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2. Outlook 2000 Service Release I's Foolish Security Enhancements

Outlook 2000 Service Release I's automatic blocking of potentially dangerous
attachments is unacceptable, as it prevents access of legitimate ones. In
essence, Outlook REFUSES to permit access, as if it is babysitting and
attempting to be overprotective of me. What is worse is that Outlook even
prohibits determining the quantity of blocked attachments or their file
names. How could you be so foolish? Why could you not simply have provided
the same selections as you do with macros? I am aware that it prompts for
some file types, but according to the documentation, the list of them is
blank. What is the matter with you?

I demand that all of this be rectified, as what this now amounts to is that
I am now longer able to access legitimate assistance files, hypertext
documents, programs, screen savers, et cetera received via electronic mail.

In addition, I use an unsolicited electronic mail-reporting macro I
developed, and Outlook now incessantly inquires my confirmation EACH AND
EVERY TIME. This would not be so bad, except that I must WAIT FIVE SECONDS
PRIOR TO SELECTING "YES". Again, how could you be so foolish? This makes an
otherwise instant process require FIVE TIMES AS MUCH TIME, which is
unacceptable. The macro security configurations do not even affect this.
Now, tell me, why would a legitimate macro transmit messages against my will?

I also demand that all of this be rectified.

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