some messages getting blacklisted with new isp

some messages getting blacklisted with new isp

Post by dave6 » Sat, 22 Dec 2007 11:14:45

I have a customer that has been using Outlook for around 4 years. The
settings have not changed. Thye are now sometimes unable to get e-
mail to intended recipients (553 from recipients server). They use
pop accounts. They use Network Solutions for the e-mail. Incoming
and outgoing servers are: This has
worked with first a satellite isp, then with a wireless isp, and now
has problems with an AT&T dsl line.

The tendency is to blame AT&T since this is one of the things that has
changed. However, we also installed Small Business server 2003 at the
time AT&T came in. SBS is NOT using the built-in Exchange server.
For better or for worse, the domain that these folks were configured
with is NOT the same as their real domain name (used for web and e-

It seems as though eveyone wants to blame AT&T, but if I am correct,
outgoing messages usually take along more than what mail clients are
configured for. I believe they send the name of the host they are on,
and probably the entire name including the local domain. Is this
correct? And, if this is true, what are my options? Can I force
Outlook to say it is on a different domain than it really is
somehow? Can I register (assuming it is available) the internal
domain name to make it legit? In short, while rebuilding SBS from
scratch and chaning its domain name might fix the problem, I'm hopeful
there is something less drastic.