Outlook 2003

Outlook 2003

Post by Blair Knil » Mon, 16 Aug 2004 20:21:45

Error message when I atemtp to send a fax or dial of

"The Selected line is in use by another program or
device. You call could not be placed at this time please
try again later"

Any suggestion on how I could fix this



Outlook 2003

Post by Manoj K. J » Fri, 03 Sep 2004 18:28:45

Looks like there is some software conflicting with the one you are using to
send Faxes. Can you please send the list of Faxr,RAS, telephony and modem
related software on you machine?

Manoj K Jain[MSFT]
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Outlook 2003

Post by Kare » Sat, 16 Jul 2005 05:29:46

XP SP2, all patches

I have switched to sending faxes from OL2003, using Slipstick's/Russ'
procedure. Sending works OK, but receiving starts communicating with the
sending fax machine, which ends with OK, but my receipt ends with a Fatal
Error. It appears in the Incoming folder but at the end it disappears all
together. Seems that the image cannot be created.
Anybody has a solution?
Thank you.

Outlook 2003

Post by Russ Valen » Sat, 16 Jul 2005 06:12:00

I assume you mean Windows XP Fax and that it appears in the Fax Console, not
Outlook, right? Windows XP Fax cannot route incoming faxes to Outlook.
Russ Valentine

Outlook 2003

Post by Kare » Sat, 16 Jul 2005 07:09:42

I wish I would pay more attention to proper terminology. I only mentioned
Outlook, because sending and receiving with WinXP Fax Console was working,
until I switched to sending with Outlook. That's when the problems with
receiving started.
I just looked at the modem and everything seems OK. It is
AOpen FM56-SV Soft PCI Modem.


Outlook 2003

Post by Russ Valen » Sat, 16 Jul 2005 07:48:55

Integrating with Outlook should have no bearing on this.
Reception/transmission errors are very common with Windows XP Fax.
Unfortunately, Windows XP Fax has proven to be incompatible with many common
modems and drivers, particularly older ones, even if the manufacturers claim
they are "compatible" with Windows XP. Modem incompatibility is not apparent
during installation or the initial setup. It only becomes apparent when you
try to send or receive a fax. The Fax Service will dial or will answer an
incoming fax but then fail with any of a number of unhelpful error messages
such as "Line is busy," "There is no answer," or "Reception error." Often
there will be nothing in Event Viewer to give a clue as to where the problem
might lie, but you should check there first.

These errors have been nearly impossible to track down. To do so requires
enabling both PSS and debug logging of fax transmissions, both of which
require fairly extensive registry changes. For the time being, the best
advice is to attempt to use XP Fax only if you have a modem that is listed
on the Windows XP Hardware Compatibility List and using the latest drivers.

Russ Valentine

Outlook 2003

Post by Kare » Sat, 16 Jul 2005 08:48:23

Thank you. Event Viewer did not give much of a clue, except the name of the
modem . As you suspected, I tinkered with the modem settings, not really
doing what I was doing. Tested it, etc., then rebooted couple of times and
guess what. Fax receive worked. We'll see how long.
Thanks again.