Can't connect to MAPI Profile

Can't connect to MAPI Profile

Post by Russ Valen » Thu, 10 Jul 2003 06:19:11

This is on boot up of the machine only? Any messages when you start Outlook?
Look over the information here to see if you integrated the Fax Service
correctly with Outlook 2000 Corp/Workgroup mode. It's tricky:

Russ Valentine

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Hello all,

I am working with a bit of a handicap since the client I am working with
uses Lotus Notes and I do not have the same in house. What I am attempting
to do works on Exchange/Outlook so I am hoping that someone can fill in the
hole for me.

I am able to establish a mailSession using the default profile. I am also
able to send a message successfully. Since my application is sending emails
to a fax server the end users want all fax related email to be sent from a
secondary profile. As mentioned, this works with Exchange/Outlook as long as
a profile is specified that exists under
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows Messaging Subsystem\Profiles.
The secondary mail profile is used to establish a mailSession, send the
email, and closes, all without affecting the user's primary profile that is

So far I have been able to establish a mailSession and send email on Notes
using the default profile. Now I am trying to specify a secondary mail
profile but instead of connecting with the secondary profile, or failing
because the user ID or password are incorrect, the primary profile simply
opens instead.

If anyone has some insight into Notes and how profiles are setup it would be
appreciated. The Lotus Notes on line doco is not useful and the client sent
me the same doco that I was able to find on line so I am at a dead end
there. According to PB help all I need to do is specify the User ID and
password and the rest should be straight forward. Hopefully someone has
already done this and can tell me what information I need to get from the
client to make this work.

Thanks in advance!


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