Move exchange 2007 public folder to another Exchange 2007 server

Move exchange 2007 public folder to another Exchange 2007 server

Post by Aaron Tec » Wed, 15 Apr 2009 01:25:36

When I migrated the mailboxes to another server, the clients were unable to
see the public folders. I am decommisioning the old 2007 Exchange.

How do I move the public folder to the new exchange 2007?

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Good afternoon!

I have a question. We have a client that has an existing Exchange
Organization running a WIN2003 SP2 / Exchange 2003 SP2 FE/BE environment.
They have about 50 mailboxes. W just recently took them over from another
consulting company.

Anyway, we are going to be adding new servers into their existing
environment. One of these new servers is going to be an Exchange 2007
Server. Ultimately, we want this server to be the only Exchange Server in
the environment.

Is this going to be as "simple" as adding this Exchange 2007 Server into the
existing Exchange Organization, moving the mailboxes from "old" to "new"
(Clients are running WINXP SP2 / Outlook 2003 SP3), migrating the PFs and
then turning off the "old" Exchange Server and waiting for someone to cry?

Is there any documentation on this? I am sure that there is and am looking
for it right now....but if anyone has a link or two readily available!



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