sent emails staying in "outbox" and not going to sent items folder

sent emails staying in "outbox" and not going to sent items folder

Post by amlta » Sat, 16 Oct 2004 09:05:03

Have an end user who is using Office 2000 SR-1 Premium w/ W2k OS.

She is receiving emails, and moving them to various archived folders, then
replying to them from there. 99% of her replies are fine, as the reply ends
up in the "sent items" folder as it should.

However, she has had 2 emails where she's replied to them, and they've been
sent, but the email remains in her "outbox" and doesn't get transferred to
the "sent items" folder.

If you open the emails in the "outbox", they have the timestamp of when they
were sent, and she's also gotten replies to them.

We are using Exchange 2003 as well.

Any ideas?



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I have what seems to be a random problem with Outlook Express. On rare
occasions when I forward an email with an attachment then leave it in the
Outbox to be sent the email sits there sending itself continuously whenever
OE checks for new mail.
The email isn't moved from the Outbox to the Sent Items folder after it's
been sent so the each time OE does a mail check it sends it again... and
again...... until I come back to the computer and realise what's happening
and delete it from the Outbox.
It only happens very occasionally and is very embarrassing when it does,
particularly if I've been away from the computer for a while.

Any thoughts?


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