Custom toolbar buttons and toolbars

Custom toolbar buttons and toolbars

Post by TWF0ZW » Thu, 17 Sep 2009 01:54:01


A few days ago my Outlook 2007 suddenly crashed.
I was trying to write a new message and there was 'No Answer' from the app.
so I had to kill it via the Task Manager.
After reopening I noticed that all my custom buttons and toolbars disappeared.
I tried to create create my toolbars and buttons over again several times
but every time I close Outlook and reopen it - my settings are not saved and
there are always default toolbars.
Seems there must be something wrong with saving settings on close.
I used Outlook diagnostic tools but no errors or conflicts were found.
I'm running 64-bit Vista Ultimate and have all latest Microsoft (Office)
updates installed.

Thanks for your help!

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I would like to simply create a keyboard shortcut for some of the
toolbar buttons, namely the "Increase/Decrease Decimal" buttons.

I tried just recording them, but it records the action specific to the
recorded cell, -- i.e. if the cell that I record using the "Increase
Decimal" button on has 2 digits to the right of the decimal, the macro
will record

Selection.NumberFormat = "0.000"

The problem is, this recorded macro will set the number format to
three decimals, no matter how many decimal places are currently
displayed. I could do a workaround using if then statements, but this
made me wonder how I could either view the code that the toolbar
buttons use, or just assign a keyboard shortcut to existing toolbar

Any ideas?

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