Outlook 2007 OAB with Exchange 2003 SP2

Outlook 2007 OAB with Exchange 2003 SP2

Post by Um9iXzEwMj » Thu, 14 Feb 2008 01:28:02

I have two users who are using Oulook 2007 to connect to a Exchange 2003
mailbox. Everything seems to be fine until they put their clients in Cache
mode now they do not get the OAB. The 2003 clients are recieving them just

How do I get 2007 clients to download a OAD from an Exchange 2003 server?

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I currently have exchange 2007sp2 and exchange 2003 sp2 coexisting, both
servers are in the same org. The oab generation server is the 2007 mailbox
server, the OAB is web based and public folder based, and autodiscover is
working correctly, users on the 2007 mailbox server running outlook 2007 can
download the oab using autodiscover no problem. When I look at the client
settings of a 2007 mailbox database, I notice that the default public
folder database is set to a 2007 public folder database, but the offline
address book is blank. When I run "get-offlineaddressbook" on the 2007
mailbox server I see "publicfolderdatabase" is set to the 2003 mailbox

Again all my users that are on the 2007 mailbox server can download the oab
no problem, and I havent heard any complaints from the users on the 2003
server not being able to download the oab, but should I point the database
on the 2007 server to the OAB? its already pointed to the 2007 public folder
database. This is kind of confusing, because outlook 2007 is using web based
distribution to download the oab, so I don't think I need to configure the
2007 database to use a public folder OAB?

Many thanks

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