Outlook rules will not work after migration Ex5.5 to Ex2003

Outlook rules will not work after migration Ex5.5 to Ex2003

Post by RG9ubm » Wed, 24 Nov 2004 03:09:09

All mailboxes were moved from Exch5.5 server to Exchange 2003 this past
weekend. Now, we are having trouble with Outlook rules on many users.

clients: WinXP Pro sp2, using Outlook 2003 sp1
clients: Win NT 4.0 sp6, using Outlook 2000 sp1 and sp 3
Exchange 5.5 sp4 (old server)
Exchange 2003 sp1 (new server)

Scenario: User mailbox has 4 email address....when email comes to a
particular address, they want message moved to folder.

Simple rule: Check messages when they arrive, if sent to XXXX@XXXXX.COM ,
move to XX Folder. Have also tried Check messages when they arrive, if FROM
XXXX@XXXXX.COM , move to XX Folder.

Rule will NOT work- even after deleting and rebuilding it.
Does not work on Outlook 2003, or 2000. Is not isolated to 1
mailbox....have tried several - all with same results.
Also, you can not RUN NOW...it just sits there and will not work.

The only difference I have noticed, is that when the mail would come on on
the Exch 5.5 server, it would give the exact SMTP email address in the TO:
field....where as now with Exchange 2003, the message resolves to the
"mailbox display name".

I have seen in Exch 2003 where you can disable display names for OUTGOING
messages, but this is for Incoming messages. Also, the IMS on exchange 5.5
server is still our "gateway" for all outgoing mail....so the name resolution
must be occuring between the two servers? The email is already resolved to
display name when it reaches the user's inbox....so the rules have stopped

Any ideas? Help would be GREATLY appreciated!!!


Have noticed that Exchange 2003 server

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Anyone knows how to fix this:

After using MS article 316886 as a template to move mailbox from
Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2003, the Outlook client won't connect. I get
an error message that says "The bookmark is not valid". If I do OK, I
get into the properties page where I can put the server name and my
user. If I do Check Name I receive this "The name could not be
resolved. The bookmark is invalid." OWA works fine.

No clients can connect. They all receive the same error.

I was able to connect with Outlook when both servers (5.5 and 2003)
were alive. It seems to have happened after the removal of 5.5.



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