Microsoft search tool bar doesn't recognize that Outlook is in ins

Microsoft search tool bar doesn't recognize that Outlook is in ins

Post by Sm9obiBCU » Wed, 07 Dec 2005 03:16:04

I have been using MSN Search toolbar, and except that it was very slow
indexing, results worked fine for me.
Suddenly, I couldn't retrieve from the search, any document included in
I uninstalled MSN search and installed it again, and i got a meesage saying
that as Outlook was not installed in my computer I could not retrieve,
emails, contacts, etc...
I use Office profesional 2003, service pack installed.
I isntalled Google serach and it recognizes my Oulook, but does not open the
contact shhet from outlook when I select it in the search list.
Can someone help me resolve the MSN search Problem?

Thanks to everybody

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I appreciate your help.


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