Outlook 2000 Connecting to MS Exchange 2003

Outlook 2000 Connecting to MS Exchange 2003

Post by QmVuIEtub3 » Sat, 04 Feb 2006 00:29:23


I am having difficulty connecting isolated Windows 2000 Professional
Machines running Outlook 2000 to an MS Exchange Server 2003. Whenever I
configure the Exchange Server name and username within Outlook 2000 I get the
following error message:

Network Problems are preventing connection to the Exchange Server. If the
problem persists contact your Administrator.

There are a few isolated machines all running Outlook 2000 that are having
this problem. I have tried reinstalling Office 2000 SBE on each machine and
have searched through Microsofts KB. The only possible solution that I have
found is to look at the registery and verify that the order in which Outlook
attempts to connect to the Exchanger server via name pipes, tcp, udp...etc
are present, and that the file version it is trying to use is the correct one
for the build of that particular Windows OS. I have verified all of this and
I am still experience the same issue.

Thanks in advance for any help,