Outlook 2000 X Windows 2000 fax service

Outlook 2000 X Windows 2000 fax service

Post by UmljYXJkb » Wed, 19 Jan 2005 04:55:06

I receive fax through the Windows 2000 fax service. I can configure it to
place a copy of received faxes at the Inbox of the Outlook 2000. It works,
the copy is placed. The problem is that I tried to create a rule to forward
this new fax to a e-mail address. I can build the rule but seems it does not
recognize as soon the copy is placed as a new message. When I ask to run the
"rule Now" it works, but I wanted it worked automatically. Can anyone help?

Outlook 2000 X Windows 2000 fax service

Post by Hal Hostet » Wed, 19 Jan 2005 07:10:53

Fax messages cannot be forwarded:

http://www.yqcomputer.com/ ;en-us;263999
OL2000: You Cannot Forward a Fax in Outlook

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Outlook 2000 X Windows 2000 fax service

Post by UmljYXJkb » Thu, 20 Jan 2005 01:59:08

Hi Hosteler,

Thanks for get interested about my question, but your ansewr is not
applicable to my case.

Let me be more specific:

When you use the Windows 2000 fax service with Outlook 2000, I receive the
fax on Inbox. It has a format of e-mail with information about recepient (the
fax number on the header from the machine the fax was sent), the subject is
"Received Fax" and a tif file as an attachament, that is the fax itself.

What is happening is that I want to forward this "e-mail" to an e-mail
address automatically applying a rule I had created through the Inbox Rules
Assistant. What seems is that when the message is placed inside Inbox and you
see it in bold (as new message) Outlook 2000 "does not perceive" as a new
message and do not apply this rule. If I apply the rule manually by the
command "Apply Rule Now" it works. The rule is very simple: a new message
should be be forwared for the e-mail address I specify.

So my question is: how to make it automatically?