MSX-Mailbox -> PST-File: Client-Process has failed !

MSX-Mailbox -> PST-File: Client-Process has failed !

Post by Marku » Thu, 08 Jan 2004 21:25:55

Hi Folks !

First of all I wish all of you a happy New Year !

my situation:
Files should be archivied or copied/moved from Exchange
5.5 Mailbox to PST-Files.

during copying, moving or archiving Outlook XP brings up
the following failures:

a) A Client-Process has failed
b) a unknown error occurred

... both Errors which really help me finding the
Problem ... :-( ... LOL

When I select more than 1 mail this error comes up. When I
select only one mail it will be moved/copied.

Well, ALL Emails WITHOUT Attachment will be copied / moved
immediately. Just Emails with Attchment can not copied or
moved in a group = more than one email at a time.

It also shouldn't be affected by the size of the
attachments; the problem starts at 250kb !!

OS: W2k SP4
Office: OXP SP1

Thanks for any advise !
Best Regards,