OLE fails in MS Outlook

OLE fails in MS Outlook

Post by Davi » Thu, 16 Oct 2003 01:57:17

Hi, I am not able to print graphics from my emails. I can
save them or copy and paste them to another program and
print them that way but from within outlook if I print it
prints a small x and calls it ole0.bmp. Any help on this
would be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance


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Hello all, my company has almost completed development of
a plug-in to MS Outlook that enables the sending and
receiving of SMS text messages, the product is feature
rich and equal to anything else on the market. Mediaburst
are experiencing problems with debugging the software and
are still experiencing
occasional 'crashing'and 'hanging'of Outlook, I need to
identify a comapny who can assist us.
I am not sure if this is the correct forum to ask, if not
perhaps someone would be kind enough to redirect me to a
more suitable place?
Please email me should anyone know of any software
companies that can assist.
Kind regards
Alex Heslip

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