C# 2.0 MAPI wrapper

C# 2.0 MAPI wrapper

Post by R29uem8gTm » Sat, 25 Feb 2006 09:07:26

Has anyone got 2.0 C# working with MAPI and CDO. I can get it to work
with VB but not C#. Here is a sample of VB code:

Imports MAPI
Imports MAPI.CdoDefaultFolderTypes
Dim CdoMessages As MAPI.Messages
Dim cdoSession As MAPI.Session
Dim CdoFolder As Folder
Dim CdoMessage As MAPI.Message

cdoSession = New MAPI.Session
cdoSession.Logon("bomcng", , False, True)
CdoFolder = cdoSession.GetDefaultFolder(CdoDefaultFolderInbox)
CdoMessages = CdoFolder.Messages

Does anyone have a working comparable code snippet for C#?

Larry Jones

C# 2.0 MAPI wrapper

Post by Sue Mosher » Sat, 25 Feb 2006 22:38:04

You're ahead of me. I have plenty of failures trying to use CDO 1.21 in VB.Net in VS 2005. Bottom line is that it's unsupported. Your mileage may vary.

If you want input on your C# approach, though, I'd suggest that you post the code that you've tried and point out what didn't seem to work.

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