Copying public folders to contact private folder

Copying public folders to contact private folder

Post by Sm9obiB » Wed, 09 Mar 2005 09:37:04

Hi All,

I am trying to work around a lack of functionality in Blackberry Enterprise
Server (BES) in synchronizing contacts folders for our blackberry users. We
use a public folder for contacts related to employees of the company so when
they receive a place a call on their nextel blackberry they know who it is
from. The problem is that the BES server will only syncronize the private
contacts folder and I have no way to push the public contacts folder.

Is there a way using scripting on the server to copy a public contact folder
under their private contact folder (not merging) so it will sync to the
blackberry. I can manually do this of course. Since we have users in multiple
organizations (Active Directory OUs) that use different public contact
folders I will have to be able to differentiate this as well.

I am a sys admin with a programming background but am new to exchnage
scripting. Has anyone written code for this already or can you point along
the right path? Thanks for your help in advance!