ListIndex problems,

ListIndex problems,

Post by TXIuIEdldF » Wed, 23 Dec 2009 06:40:01

Hey, on the below code, I am having problems. i dont know why it is not
selecting the same row in list box 101 as in listbox 102
Sub Item_CustomPropertyChange(ByVal ListBox101)

Set ListBox101 = Item.UserProperties("ListBox101")
Set ListBox102 = Item.UserProperties("ListBox102")

ListBox102.ListIndex = ListBox101.ListIndex

End Sub

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I am trying to set the .ListIndex property of a combobox to the index
corresponding to an item in the list by utilizing the string value of the
indexed item.

For example, I know that I can set the item displayed to the first one by
setting the list index to 0, as follows,

With cboRecipientName

.AddItem "Name1"
.AddItem "Name2"
.AddItem "Name3"

End With

.ListIndex = 0

What I would like to do is as follows

With cboRecipientName

.AddItem "String1"
.AddItem "String2"
.AddItem "String3"

End With

'Psuedo Code to set the item displayed
cboRecipientName.ListIndex = ListIndex of item whose string value is

So, I guess in general, I am asking for how to return the ListIndex of an
item by using the item's string value.



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