how to prevent this message from displaying every time i want to send an email

how to prevent this message from displaying every time i want to send an email

Post by radfa » Wed, 26 Nov 2003 18:36:18


I am using outlook object in my code to send an email. but every tim
it comes to Send command. it gives this message:

A program is trying to automatically send email on your behalf. Do yo
want to allow this? if this is unexpected it maybe a virus and yo
should choose no

then I choose yes and then the message is send. how can I remove thi
message so every time the code wants to send a mail does not have to O
this message

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how to prevent this message from displaying every time i want to send an email

Post by Sue Mosher » Wed, 26 Nov 2003 21:48:49

The security dialogs that pop up when an application tries to access certain Outlook properties and methods are designed to inhibit the spread of viruses via Outlook; see #autosec. They cannot be simply turned on or off with a user option or registry setting.

However, Outlook 2003 does not show security prompts on three specific types of applications:

-- VBScript code in published, non-oneoff Outlook forms

-- Outlook VBA code that uses the intrinsic Application object

-- Outlook COM add-ins properly constructed to derive all objects from the Application object passed by the OnConnection event

In earlier versions of Outlook, standalone users can use a free tool called Express ClickYes ( ) to click the security dialog buttons automatically. Beware that this means if a virus tries to send mail using Outlook or gain access to your address book, it will succeed.

If you're the administrator in an Exchange Server environment, you can reduce the impact of the security prompts with administrative tools. See

If it's an application you wrote yourself and either your application needs to support versions besides Outlook 2003 or your application runs extenal to Outlook, you have these options for modifying your program to avoid the security prompts (roughly in order of preference):

-- Use Extended MAPI (see ) and C++ or Delphi; this is the most secure method and the only one that Microsoft recommends. However, it applies only to COM add-ins and external programs; you cannot use Extended MAPI in Outlook forms or VBA.

-- Use Redemption ( ), a third-party COM library that wraps around Extended MAPI but parallels the Outlook Object Model, providing many methods that the Outlook model does not support

-- Use SendKeys to "click" the buttons on the security dialogs that your application may trigger. See #autosec for a link to sample code.

-- Program the free Express ClickYes ( ) tool to start suspended and turn it on only when your program needs to have the buttons clicked automatically.

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