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Current Items

Post by Sue Mosher » Fri, 04 Jun 2004 10:27:43

The currently open item is Application.ActiveInspector.CurrentItem. For
Outlook property syntax, see

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want it to grab some information and use that todo 2 things:
contact in them, and also link the task to the contact, and I do not know
how to access the current Item and it's properties. Any help appreciated.

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I'm a little bit confused about the behavior of the following
wish script (tested under wish version 8.3 and 8.4):

canvas .ca
pack .ca

.ca create rect {10 10 20 20} -tags Original -fill yellow

.ca bind Original <ButtonPress-1> {
.ca create rect {10 10 20 20} -tags Copy -fill red

.ca bind Original <Button1-Motion> {
puts [%W gettags current]
if {![info exists x_old]} {
set x_old %x
set y_old %y
set dx [expr {%x-$x_old}]
set dy [expr {%y-$y_old}]
%W move Copy $dx $dy
set x_old %x
set y_old %y

I'm trying to "copy" and drag the original rect item using the
mouse pointer. Surprisingly (for me) it works; however, I
don't understand why the original item remains the "current"
one (see "puts" output) and not the copied one which is actually
at the mouse pointer.

I would have expected that

.ca bind Copy <Button1-Motion> { (same as above) }

should work but it doesn't. So, is there a simple reason why
the canvas behaves as described above (probably there is ...)?
And is there another (better, cleaner) way to implement this
simple "copy&drag" functionality?

Thanks in advance

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